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Modelo ERX 24-10

Fuente de poder

Fuente de 24 volts de salida

These single-output, L-chassis OEM switching modules provide well-regulated single output d-c in four power ranges: 30, 60, 120 and 240 Watts. Input-output connections are via connector rather than barrier strips (except the d-c output connection of the 240W models are delivered to a barrier strip) to allow faster assembly in OEM applications.

ERX can be individually installed as open frame or optionally enclosed power modules. They may also be combined into a custom power assembly for multi-output requirements

  • Active soft-start circuit: Limits a-c turn-on surge.
  • Remote error sensing: Compensates for voltage drops to 0.35V per wire.
  • Adjustable voltage: Internal trimmer accessible through the optional case allows manual adjustment of the voltage setting.
  • Remote voltage control: Provision is made for an external resistor to trim the output voltage setting.
  • Overvoltage protection: Power is shut off if output voltage is forced beyond the set limit.
  • Rectangular current limiting so you can drive non-linear loads.
  • Holding time: Output is sustained by internally stored energy for 30 milliseconds typically, 20 milliseconds minimum.
  • Built-in EMI filter: Attenuates conducted noise below the requirements of FCC Class B. Optional perforated metal covers attenuate radiated noise and provide protection.
  • Safety: All models recognized by UL, certified by CSA, and approved by TÜV Rheinland to meet EN 60950.
  • Connections: Input and output connections are via MOLEX pin header. Mating connectors (with 1m leads crimped in place) available.
  • DIN Rail mountable

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